Episode Two - Bo Grechka

Episode Two features guest Bo Grechka (professional boxing coach)

1.) Intro to Coach Bo

2.) The Truism - Who/What/When/Where/Why - Bo's Boxing History & Where He's Going / Oleksiy

3.) Hip Hop - We discuss Bo's all-time and current musical tastes

4.) Movies - We had to get into the movie scene...All of our top 5 movies & BOXING MOVIES

5.) Conspiracy Theories / X-Files - Sexual Energies, Shawdow Government, Flat Earth, Government Spying, etc. 

6.) All X-Files - Craziest place you've ever had sex? Psycho stalkers? Bo's take on some funny sex stories! 

7.) Current State of Boxing - Upcoming Matches - GGG vs Canelo / Mayweather vs McGregor / Boxing vs MMA

8.) Outro 


You can follow Coach Bo Grechka on social media @Boknowsboxing


***As Always, a reminder to check out my boys 54th Regiment!!!!! Their music is absolutely incredible and they give this podcast an awesome vibe!!!!***